Matrix Biologe - Very Disappointed - ULTRA Hydrating Conditioner Formula Change Sucks!

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I have used Matrix ULTRA Hydrating conditioner for years. I have wavy hair and straighten it every day....but with using Ultra Hydrating my hair has remained soft, shiny and smelling clean and fresh.

When Matrix announced they were going to change the packaging I thought nothing of it but noticed they changed the actual formula as well and it's horrible. The beautiful, clean smell is gone and the product now sucks.

I am angry and saddened that I now have to find something new. It would have been nice for Matrix to be honest about the formula change as well as the packaging.

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Matrix Biologe - Matrix Biolage are theifs.

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Matrix Biologe Shampoo is $18.00 for a small bottle here in Houston. Although it is expensive, I have used the Ultra Hydrating shampoo for years because it was the only product that suited my hair.

But, the last 4 bottles I bought made my hair unruly and I could not figure out why.

When I looked up what people were saying online, I found out that they changed their formula.

I emailed the company and asked if this was true and they told me to call another department.


I responded to that email in this way:


I have stopped using your products.

I consider it stealing my money when you change your product and don’t say anything.

I purchased about 4 bottles of your $18.00 Ultra Hydrating shampoo after you changed the formula and couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

Then I look it up online to find out you changed the formula.

And, when I asked you about this directly, you give me another number to call.

Your new product makes my hair dry and unmanageable.


So, I have stopped buying your product after years of being loyal to you because.

1: It is a bad product

2: You are a dishonest company.


Robbin Nelson

Monetary Loss: $72.

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The only thing that remains constant - is change. ,)

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